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ALIKRAFT Safety Valve’s repair services are designed to keep CLIENT safety valves at peak operating efciency. Our popular rebuild, upgrade, maintenance and service program provides maximum uptime at minimal cost. We employ factory-trained personnel who can spot potential problems with valves and recommend the most effective and economical ways to solve them.

ALIKRAFT has the specications for nearly every safety valve ever made, allowing technicians to make repairs to exact specications. All these products are manufacturing in a well set up and equipped modern factory built with aesthetic taste and functional interest so as to obtain the highest degree of productivity & quality. The nature of manufacturing activity call for high degree of skill of the personnel involved apart from standard manufacturing & quality norms. The company practices the system of working to the approved quality plan (QAP) welcoming third party inspection from reputed agencies etc .We have our technicians can restore tolerances quickly on existing parts. If, in fact, a part cannot be restored, we can generally replace it from our extensive in-house inventory.

ALIKRAFT repair services include updating to the latest valve designs when needed and using factory-standard parts. For CUSTOMER peace of mind, we apply our one-year standard warranty to all rebuilt valve units. At one call ALIKRAFT will provide quick solutions to all of the customer’s repair needs. ALIKRAFT experience with remanufactured valves can help customer to operate a cost-effective business without sacricing quality or safety. At ALIKRAFT, we not only have the facilities, but also extensive experience in all areas of valve re-manufacturing. ALIKRAFT offer / scope of work when we remanufacturing safety valve. Safety Valves will be repaired with warrantee at all in price indicated in advance and which includes

  • Completely dismantling the valve.
  • Through cleaning by mechanical means.
  • Cleaning, pickling & passivation of internal parts.
  • Assessment of damage parts of components which are beyond repair.
  • Check every working part for signs of wear to ensure each part meets the manufacturer’s tolerances.
  • Lapping of Nozzle & Disc.
  • Sand blast of castings and check for possible defects.
  • Hydrostatic test of Body, Bonnet & Nozzle.
  • Facing all flanges to a new finish.
  • Replace all gaskets, bolts and nuts. (If require)
  • Re-assembled the valves & to check for Set Pressure Test.
  • Functional & Set Pressure Test in accordance with API-527. Test the re-manufactured valve to ensure it to meets or exceeds new valve criteria. Offer to TPIA. (If require or applicable)
  • Painting / Sealing.
  • Fixing of new name / tag plate (SS) in accordance with customer requirement / international STD.
  • Calibration Report.